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Patent Approval for Active Controllable Wing-Tips

Mar 14, 2011 | Bauhaus Luftfahrt is now holder of a German patent (DE 10 2008 022 452 A1) for active wing-tip devices on aerospace vehicles. These so called “morphing” wing-tips are composed of partitioned wing segments that are scheduled via a central control unit.

The morphing wing-tips can alter their incidence, orientation and shape by changing local wing segment airfoil twist, camber, and dihedral angle. With it, the aircraft is capable of generating necessary flight control forces and moments in order to independently maneuver around its roll, pitch and yaw axes. Additionally, these multi-functional devices can be applied to significantly reduce drag during all phases of flight. More sophisticated exemplars are possible through this multiple segmented wing-tips approach, for example to avoid the aerodynamic penalty of gaps, steps and discontinuities. Within the Adaptive Utilities technical domain of the Visionary Aircraft Concepts team, the next phase of research at Bauhaus Luftfahrt will cover system integration, adaptive structures and novel actuation concepts.

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