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Patent for aircraft propulsion system

Jul 12, 2011 | Bauhaus Luftfahrt is now holder of a German patent (DE 10 2008 024 463 B4) for aircraft propulsion systems featuring fans arranged in a segmental arch on the upper side of the fuselage, while being driven by shaft power engines located inside the fuselage.

The patented propulsion system concept addresses high energy efficiency as well as a significant reduction of aircraft noise emission characteristics. Due to the installation of the shaft power engines in the aft-fuselage, the corresponding external noise propagation is minimised. Simultaneously, the installation space available in the fuselage aft-section promotes highly efficient thermodynamic cycles, including the application of heat exchangers for core energy recovery. Moreover, the design solution allows for the driving of two fans per installed shaft power engine which facilitates extremely high bypass ratios while maintaining moderate fan diameters. The resulting superior propulsive efficiency is, furthermore, enhanced through the ulilisation of the boundary layer ingestion principle. Through arranging the fans between the aircraft’s tail planes, finally, fan noise is efficiently shielded. The patented propulsion system has been successfully implemented in Bauhaus Luftfahrt’s „Claire Liner“ aircraft design concept.

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