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When Dr. Otto Wiesheu (Free State of Bavaria), Dr. Thomas Enders (Airbus), Dr. Michael Süß (MTU Aero Engines), and Frieder Beyer (Liebherr-Aerospace Lindenberg) signed the statutes of Bauhaus Luftfahrt e. V. on November 17th, 2005, they have created a research institution, which is unique in the European R&D landscape: a Bauhaus for aviation.

The name “Bauhaus Luftfahrt” thereby alludes to the vision of the famous Bauhaus Dessau of the early twentieth century, which brought together some of the most outstanding architects and artists of the time, and which was not only an innovative training centre, but also a place of production and a focus of international debate. The charter members of Bauhaus Luftfahrt e. V. aimed to extend this spirit into the realm of aeronautics: Like its historical model, the non-profit association is a think tank par excellence and a pioneer for new research – unconventional, intercorporate, and interdisciplinary.

In the sense of “system integration”, Bauhaus Luftfahrt focuses on systems and concepts for the future as well as on evaluation of integrated systems in comprehensive, interdisciplinary research activities – all of this from both a technical and a socioeconomic point of view.

The historical model of Bauhaus Luftfahrt: the Bauhaus Dessau.

The historical model of Bauhaus Luftfahrt: the Bauhaus Dessau.