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Bauhaus Luftfahrt on Aerodays 2015 in London

With no less than three European research consortia, Bauhaus Luftfahrt was represented at this year’s Aerodays. Aerodays is the European flagship event in aviation research and innovation that takes place once during each EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation. Aerodays 2015 took place on October 20th-23rd, 2015 at the QEII Centre in London. The three-day conference included technical sessions, research and technology showcases, and a host of keynote addresses from aviation CEOs, European Commissioners, UK ministers, and heads of key agencies. The event was a resounding success and has acted as a positive enabler for industry, governments, the European Commission, research institutions, academia, and many others to come together to present strategic perspectives and achievements in aviation research and innovation.

Bauhaus Luftfahrt was represented with its research themes on three individual booths.

Together with ETH Zurich, DLR, Shell, and ARTTIC, Bauhaus Luftfahrt exhibited the solar chemical reactor that has been designed and fabricated in the SOLAR-JET project to produce the first solar kerosene.

Together with CIAM, Airbus Group Innovations, and ONERA, Bauhaus Luftfahrt exhibited the 1:30 scale Propulsive Fuselage model as one result of the DisPURSAL project. The centrepiece of this model is a special engine that is fully integrated into the aircraft’s tapered rear fuselage.

Finally, together with EUROCONTROL, EASA, NLR, CIRA, CDTI, ONERA, Deep Blue, DLR, and Rolls-Royce, Bauhaus Luftfahrt took also part in the sessions dedicated to safety and security coordination and support actions (compare the OPTICS project).

Dr. Arne Seitz explains the Propulsive Fuselage concept of Bauhaus Luftfahrt

Dr. Arne Seitz explains the Propulsive Fuselage concept of Bauhaus Luftfahrt.
November 17th, 2015