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CAMERA project: 1st Mobility Report released

CAMERA is an EU-funded project, analysing the research progress in the mobility sector towards European mobility goals in aviation. The recently published 1st Mobility Report is the result of CAMERA’s initial analysis that has identified 158 initiatives in European mobility research. These have been investigated and their goals assessed to determine how well they cover the mobility challenges, to identify potential gaps, and to form recommendations for future research initiatives. These projects were also automatically clustered into nine subgroups. This revealed a fairly diverse coverage of the mobility research areas, especially innovative technological concepts, the socioeconomic and environmental aspects of mobility, and sustainable development.

Research concerning passenger-centred transport system resilience has been found to be a mostly unexplored area, closely followed by research into passenger demand. This can be considered a critical gap, given the importance of passenger experience in shaping the future of the European air transport system. Finally, more multidisciplinary, holistic research initiatives that simultaneously address several mobility issues are needed so that Europe can be globally recognised as providing top-class mobility and delivering excellent mobility research results. The Mobility Report can be downloaded here:

CAMERA Mobility Report 1

CAMERA Mobility Report 1.
June 12th, 2019