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Public lecture on alternative fuels

The public lecture series “Wissenschaft für jedermann” at Deutsches Museum addresses relevant scientific topics of current interest. One part of this series is the annual “Willy Messerschmitt Lecture”, which is co-hosted by the Royal Aeronautical Society Munich Branch e.V. On November 11th, 2020, Valentin Batteiger, Lead Alternative Fuels at Bauhaus Luftfahrt, contributed a lecture about the role of alternative fuels for the energy transition of the aviation sector. Due to the current restrictions, the presentation was streamed from the lecture hall and is now available via the following link (in German language):

The lecture addressed the current climate impact of aviation and showed why the sector will continue to rely on liquid fuels. Different production processes towards synthetic jet fuel were introduced including biofuels and synthetic fuels from water and CO2. Finally, the vision of hydrogen aircraft was discussed, which may enable almost emission-free flight in the long-term future.

Deutsches Museum

Valentin Batteiger during his lecture at Deutsches Museum.
November 20th, 2020