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Towards User-Centric Transport in Europe

A truly sustainable European transport system can only be achieved with a user-centred and cross-modal approach and the consideration of novel mobility technologies and solutions. Within the project Mobility4EU, funded by the European Commission, a vision of that future European transport system and an according action plan with actions to achieve that vision have been developed within a multidisciplinary team of different stakeholders from all modes of transport. Bauhaus Luftfahrt represents the air transport perspective in the project consortium. In collaboration with all project partners, a compendium of challenges, solutions, and collaborations for a user-centric transport in Europe has been compiled. Ulrike Kluge, Dr. Annika Paul, and Marcia Urban from Bauhaus Luftfahrt, in cooperation with Hector Ureta from AENA, contributed with research insights about the assessment of passenger requirements along the door-to-door travel chain. The book chapter on this topic summarises major findings from the analysis of passenger requirements along the (air) transport chain, which were conducted within the scope of the EU Coordination and Support Action DATASET2050.

If you are interested in the content of this compendium, please use the following link to access the book:

User-Centric Transport

ISBN 978-3-319-99756-8.
October 12th, 2018