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“Unique in Germany and Europe” | 10 years Bauhaus Luftfahrt

On the evening of October 8th, 2015, Bauhaus Luftfahrt celebrated its 10th anniversary as an interdisciplinary research institution for aviation on Ludwig Bölkow Campus in Ottobrunn near Munich. Among the 200 ceremony guests were also numerous top representatives from science, politics, and industry, including many long-time companions of Bauhaus Luftfahrt. In his dinner speech, Airbus CEO and Bauhaus Luftfahrt co-founder Dr. Thomas Enders appreciated the 35-member research team headed by Prof. Dr. Mirko Hornung as “unique in Germany and Europe”. “We cannot accommodate the growth in aviation by simply building more aircraft or better aircraft. Instead, we must rethink the way we fly. This is exactly the reason why we have invented Bauhaus Luftfahrt.”

The 10th anniversary ceremony was held during the 2nd Bauhaus Luftfahrt symposium in the premises of IABG Industrieanlagen-Betriebsgesellschaft in Ottobrunn near Munich. Prof. Dr. Rudolf F. Schwarz, Managing Director of IABG and Advisory Board member of Bauhaus Luftfahrt, was pleased with the high-level international event in a house “that, in the coming year, will look back at 55 years of successful activity in the aviation sector”..

The central visual element of the harmonious evening event was a 25 metre long photo exhibition that showed the visionary aircraft concepts, research collaborations, and people that have had a decisive influence on Bauhaus Luftfahrt over the past ten years.

Photo exhibition

Prof. Dr. Mirko Hornung (Bauhaus Luftfahrt, 2nd f.r.) shows Dr. Thomas Enders (Airbus, 1st f.r.) and Prof. Dr. Rudolf F. Schwarz (IABG, 3rd f.r.) the photo exhibition portraying 10 years of Bauhaus Luftfahrt.
October 12th, 2015