The number of employees decreased slightly in 2021 compared to the previous year, in line with the budget decrease.

At the end of the year, Bauhaus Luftfahrt had 45 employees, 33 of whom were scientists, with 13 being post-doctoral researchers. The share of female scientists at Bauhaus Luftfahrt in 2021 was 30 %, and the share of women at Bauhaus Luftfahrt overall was 40 %.

The number of students in 2021 fell slightly compared to the previous year, but remained overall at a very high level compared to previous years. Despite the pandemic impact, 31 students and one scholarship holder from 13 nations were employed at Bauhaus Luftfahrt as research assistants, interns, or to realise their student research projects and theses.

In total, 82 people from 17 nations were employed at Bauhaus Luftfahrt in 2021.

Bauhaus Luftfahrt continues to make considerable efforts to recruit highly qualified graduates and scientists from various disciplines in order to be able to provide a high level of scientific research activity.