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Michael Shamiyeh
Visionäre Flugzeugkonzepte
System- und Flugzeugtechnologien
2. Juli 2019
23rd ATRS World Conference | Amsterdam
An Overview of Current Research and Developments in Urban Air Mobility – Setting the Scene for UAM Introduction
Autor(en): A. Straubinger, R. Rothfeld, M. Shamiyeh, K.-D. Buechter, J. Kaiser, K. Ploetner
1. Oktober 2018
The 6th International Conference on Enterprise Systems | Limassol
Extracting and Modelling Knowledge about Aviation for Multilingual Semantic Applications in Industry 4.0
Autor(en): J. Lehmann, A. Heussner, M. Shamiyeh, S. Ziemer
9. September 2018
31st International Congress of the Aeronautical Sciences | Belo Horizonte
A Performance Benchmark of Recent Personal Air Vehicle Concepts for Urban Air Mobility
Autor(en): M. Shamiyeh, R. Rothfeld, M. Hornung
16. Oktober 2017
6th CEAS European Air & Space Conference | Bucharest
A Review of Recent Personal Air Vehicle Concepts
Autor(en): M. Shamiyeh, J. Bijewitz, M. Hornung
11. September 2017
2nd International Workshop on Linked Data in Industry 4.0 | Amsterdam
Towards Integration and Coverage Assessment of Ontologies for Knowledge Reuse in the Aviation Sector
Autor(en): J. Lehmann, M. Shamiyeh, S. Ziemer
13. September 2016
Deutscher Luft- und Raumfahrtkongress 2016 | Braunschweig
Conceptual studies of a transport aircraft operating out of inner-city airports
Autor(en): P. Heinemann, M. Schmidt, F. Will, M. Shamiyeh, C. Jessberger, M. Hornung
Technische Berichte
23. April 2018
Deliverable 2.01 | CENTRELINE, pp. 21, Grant Agreement No. 723242
Definition of Multidisciplinary Interfacing Strategy
Autor(en): M. Shamiyeh
1. September 2015
Master Thesis | Technical University of Munich
Konzeptionelle Auslegung eines hybridelektrischen Hubschraubers
Autor(en): M. Shamiyeh