The Bauhaus Luftfahrt Symposium brings together international aviation experts and decision-makers from industry, research and politics to drive forward the path to climate-neutral aviation. The latest findings and innovative concepts for a sustainable future are presented here and joint projects are initiated. Previously based in Munich, the 2024 symposium will be held in Berlin for the first time.


Aviation targets beyond Flightpath 2050 

2050 goals have widely stimulated research and development activities in all kind of technology fields. Still, no single technological solution has evolved that may lead aviation towards achieving the environmental targets in 2050. Expanding even beyond 2050 and capturing all major driversof aviation in affecting climate change, this 4th International Bauhaus Luftfahrt Symposium showed radical technologies and concepts to actively impact climate change in a positive way.

4th Bauhaus Luftfahrt Symposium | Ludwig Boelkow Campus at IABG | Ottobrunn near Munich | May 2019



Shaping the Future

Which central developments and challenges does the aviation sector face in the future? The particpiants of the Symposium in 2015 discussed key challenges but also envisaged developments and innovations, which will shape aviation in the long term. Centred on dedicated research focus areas the community came up with technological findings, new ideas and concepts for Aviation 2050.

2nd Bauhaus Luftfahrt Symposium | Ludwig Bölkow Campus at IABG | Ottobrunn near Munich | October 2015