The number of employees decreased slightly in 2022 compared to the previous year.

At the end of the year, Bauhaus Luftfahrt had 44 employees, 32 of whom were scientists, with 13 being post-doctoral researchers. The share of female scientists at Bauhaus Luftfahrt in 2022 was 28 %, and the share of women at Bauhaus Luftfahrt overall was 41 %.

The number of students in 2022 fell compared to the previous year. There were 19 students and one scholarship holder from 11 nations employed at Bauhaus Luftfahrt as research assistants, interns, or to realise their student research projects and theses.

In total, 68 people from 16 nations were employed at Bauhaus Luftfahrt in 2022.

Bauhaus Luftfahrt continues to make considerable efforts to recruit highly qualified graduates and scientists from various disciplines in order to be able to provide a high level of scientific research activity


In the fiscal year 2022, Bauhaus Luftfahrt’s income increased by +6.1 % to 5.1 million EUR. Grants from the Free State of Bavaria (1.7 million EUR) and membership fees (1.1 million EUR) remained stable.

Revenues from publicly funded third-party projects decreased by −172 kEUR (−13 %) to 1.1 million EUR in 2022. This income is attributable to work on 16 research projects funded by the European Union, the German Federal Government, or the Free State of Bavaria. The decrease is primarily due to the completion of two large projects in 2021 funded by the European Union and the late start of three projects funded by the German Federal Government in 2022.

The project revenues with our industrial partners increased by +33 % (+139 kEUR) thanks to the acquisition of a new multipartner project.

Release of accounting provisions and stock variations generated a revenue of 293 kEUR (118 kEUR in 2021) and donations reached a total of 302 kEUR (149 kEUR in 2021).

For the year 2023, Bauhaus Luftfahrt expects earnings slightly above 5 million EUR. This increase will be mainly due to revenues from publicly funded third-party projects, resulting from the highly successful results of Bauhaus Luftfahrt in project acquisitions (4 EU projects, 8 projects funded by the German Federal Government or Bavaria).