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Facts and figures


In the fiscal year 2019, earnings of Bauhaus Luftfahrt increased by 1.3 % to 5.2 million euros. The grants from the Free State of Bavaria and the membership fees have remained constant at 2.3 million euros. Funding from third-party projects increased by +125,400 euros (+10.9 %) to 1.7 million euros in 2019. These revenues result from work in 15 research projects funded by the European Union, the German Federal Government, or the Free State of Bavaria. The increase is primarily caused by the one-year research project OBUAM funded by the Free State of Bavaria.

Revenues from industrial partners decreased by -53,000 euros (-5.5 %) to 1.2 million euros. At the beginning of 2019, four new partner projects were defined and contractually agreed.

For the year 2020, Bauhaus Luftfahrt does not anticipate any major changes in earnings. Significant changes are expected in funding from third-party projects, since two EU projects with larger funding volumes (SUN-to-LIQUID, CENTRELINE) will expire in 2020, and new LuFo projects will start.


Facts and figures


The number of employees in 2019 has increased slightly compared to the previous year.

At the end of the year, Bauhaus Luftfahrt had 52 employees, 39 of whom were scientists.

In 2019, one doctorate was successfully completed, so that a total of 18 employees have completed their doctorates. The share of female scientists at Bauhaus Luftfahrt in 2019 was 26 %, and the share of women at Bauhaus Luftfahrt as a whole was 37 %.

The number of students increased significantly in 2019 compared to previous years. In the course of the year, 34 students and one scholarship holder from 20 nations worked at Bauhaus Luftfahrt as research assistants, interns, or to realise their student research projects. A total of 95 people from 23 nations were employed at Bauhaus Luftfahrt.

Recruiting research assistants and student assistants from various disciplines to further support interdisciplinary cooperation and exchange at Bauhaus Luftfahrt will remain the focus of the recruiting process in 2020.


Facts and figures