January 2023 - December 2024



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Batterieflügel für Elektrische Regionale Transport-Luftfahrtzeuge (BERTL)



LuFo Bayern

Mengying Fu
Passenger & Market Development

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Two key aspects of all-electric Regional Air Mobility (RAM) are the energy density of the batteries and aerodynamic efficiency. With an optimised design, a rapid contribution to sustainable aviation can be achieved that fits ideally into the operational and regulatory constraints.

The overall objective of the BERTL project is therefore the simultaneous multidisciplinary design of a wing with a high aspect ratio and a structurally integrated battery: the structural integration of the battery saves weight, while the highly stretched wing design generates the optimum lift-to-drag ratio. The development of such a wing will enable the development of fully electric RAM aircraft with 6 to 19 passengers and a range of up to 500 kilometres.

Contribution Bauhaus Luftfahrt

The work of Bauhaus Luftfahrt supports the goal of ensuring the economic viability of the technical concept with special consideration of sustainability aspects. The work therefore focuses on scaling options for an aircraft family concept and initial analyses of integration aspects at airports.

A life cycle assessment of the concept is carried out and the influence of possible alternative battery and recycling options is analysed. The results form the basis of a final overall assessment according to economic and ecological criteria.

Project Funding

The project is funded by the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy under the funding code HAM-2208-0029.